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Expert & Professional Witness Legal Support

We are qualified, experienced and independent Practitioner Occupational Psychologists, registered with the British Psychological Society and the Health Care & Professions Council. We have completed formal, up to date expert and professional witness training with the British Psychological Society.

We can help you evaluate and prepare your case. We accept expert and professional witness instructions from client organisations, solicitors, prosecutors, insurance companies and others. We do not accept instruction from litigants in person.

Please note the following important distinction:

An Expert witness is considered impartial, independent of both parties and is appointed by a court/tribunal. They offer an impartial opinion on the facts of the case.

A Professional witness is appointed by only one of the parties involved in a dispute and represents their case/interests only. They are not considered independent.

We will accept joint-instruction and provide joint billing in cases where all parties have agreed to use our services.

We provide expert and professional witness services in the following areas: 

  • Case evaluation and preparation
  • Career and earnings loss
  • Discrimination in the workplace – sexual, age, race, background and disability
  • Fairness and discrimination in recruitment and development – including selection system design and validation
  • Personality, aptitude and skills assessment – including the use of psychometric testing and other selection tools
  • Bullying and harassment – including sexual harassment
  • Training and development system evaluation
  • Occupational Stress
  • Assessment of intellectual functioning, learning disability and vulnerability

We also provide fitness to work assessments, advise in developing anti-discrimination policies and practices for organisations, and review existing policy. 

When you first contact us we will ask you to provide information relating to :

  • The identities of both parties – if a conflict of interest exists because of a prior contact/professional relationship with either party, we will not be able to act as expert witnesses. However, we may still be able to act as a professional witnesses to represent your case
  • An outline and background history to the case
  • Where the case will be heard e.g. employment tribunal, civil court, criminal court

We advise potential clients to contact us as early as possible – ideally when they first become aware of a potential problem. Most disputes can be resolved before they reach the formal litigation or employment tribunal stage.

All of our communications with you are subject to legal privilege and are treated in confidence. If a case is not within our area of expertise, we will refer you to another expert.