Based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the north east of England, Liam Healy & Associates – Registered Occupational Psychologists have been providing specialist qualified psychological support; assessment and development consultancy; career coaching and senior level career development; human resource and organisational development consultancy to organisations since 1995.

Our work and organisational psychology team consists of Chartered & Registered Occupational Psychologists; BACP accredited counsellors; professional trainers; change consultants; and CIPD qualified HR specialists. We specialise in helping clients build safe, healthy and inclusive workplaces.

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Artificial Intelligence DNA Image

Artificial Intelligence Ethics Consultancy

read more.

Diversity, Bias & Discrimination Training image

Diversity, Bias & Discrimination Training

Diversity, bias & discrimination training is much more than what most people would imagine. It has wide ranging advantages that go far beyond the obvious. Diversity training can help create an inclusive, fairer and more innovative workplace culture, benefiting both individuals and organisations … read more.

Diversity, Bias & Discrimination Audit image

Diversity, Bias & Discrimination Audit

A diversity, bias & discrimination audit is a far-reaching and in-depth examination of your organisation’s practices, policies and procedures. It can be carried out as a result of a legal or other problems arising in the workplace, or as part of a routine organisational health check to help identify any issues before they become serious problems. It is never acceptable to hide behind a lack of policy in order to excuse or justify unacceptable or illegal practices … read more.

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Team Building, Wellbeing & Effectiveness

Teams are usually artificially created social groups, made up of people brought together and expected to work at a very high level of co-operation and organisation. Stress and dysfunction are an inbuilt consequence of that artificial construction. We can help identify and address the failure points in your teams … read more.

Employee Welfare, Development & Support, Mental Health at Work image

Employee Welfare, Development & Mental Health Support

Everyone needs help sometimes. We provide psychosocial well-being/resilience training, and mental health at work support. Finding confidential professional support for struggling employees in a timely manner helps you to satisfy your ethical and legal obligations to your employees, and can be the difference between keeping and losing an employee. Timely prevention is always better than crisis-point treatment … read more.

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Employment Tribunal Support

Do you have to face an employment tribunal or court case ? We can help prepare you for testifying, even if you have not used us in a professional capacity to advise you in the preparation of your case… read more.

Expert & Professional Witness Employment Law Legal Support. Unfair dismissal, discrimination, bullying or sexual harassment image

Expert & Professional Witness Legal Support

Nobody ever wants to have to bring in the type of expertise we provide in this area, but when your organisation is facing a legal challenge or employment tribunal, perhaps to do with unfair dismissal, discrimination, bullying or sexual harassment, then rapid professional advice is essential. Working directly with you, or with your legal representatives, we can help you evaluate and prepare your case quickly … read more.