Diversity, Bias & Discrimination Audit image

A diversity, bias & discrimination audit typically examines your policies and procedures relating to staff selection, training, employee welfare, culture, organisation structure & politics. This helps expose stress points, organisational under-performance and vulnerabilities to legal action.

It is never acceptable to hide behind a lack of policy in order to excuse or justify unacceptable or illegal practices.

Ideally, organisations should carry out this procedure routinely as part of due diligence and good professional practice.

In a less than ideal situation an emergency audit may be carried out because an organisation faces a legal challenge – in which case, showing that you have carried out rapid remedial action to identify and resolve the root causes of the situation can help limit the damage to your organisation’s morale and reputation. We can advise and help to set-up policies and procedures to ensure compliance.

As we are independent practitioners, we are free to carry out a wide-ranging, in-depth, focussed and honest examination of bias and discrimination within your organisation without fear of threat or reprisal.

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