Our Professional  Qualifications

Based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the north east of England, Liam Healy & Associates have been providing specialist qualified psychological support; assessment and development consultancy; and human resource & organisational development consultancy to organisations since 1995.

Our Senior Psychologist, Liam Healy BSc(Hons) MSc CPsychol CSci AFBPsS, is a graduate of both Durham (U/G) and Hull (P/G) universities, a BPS Chartered Psychologist and HCPC Registered Occupational Psychologist.

Liam is also a Chartered Scientist (registered with the Research Council) and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. He is a BPS Registered Expert/Professional Witness and an EFPA & RQTU Qualified Test User. He has held several senior posts within the British Psychological Society including Chief Assessor for the BPS Board of Assessors in Occupational Psychology. He has written and edited numerous books and articles. He is the author of More How To Win at Aptitude Tests, Harper Collins; and Psychometric Testing for Dummies, John Wiley & Sons. 

Working within a legally defined and rigorous professional framework, we apply the science of psychology to solving people problems in the workplace. Respect for people, coupled with safe, competent, ethical and evidence-based practice are our core values.

When choosing any professional adviser it is essential to exercise professional due diligence to ensure they are qualified and insured to provide the services they offer.

The UK Government’s Regulatory Body for Practitioner Psychologists lays down in law the protected titles which qualified psychologists may use, as well as the professional and ethical standards which they must follow in order to protect the interests of their clients.

Any unqualified and unregulated individual can offer services under the title of ‘Business Psychologist’, ‘Work Psychologist’, ‘Organisational Psychologist’ or even just plain ‘Psychologist’, but the titles ‘Registered Psychologist’, ‘Practitioner Psychologist’ and ‘Occupational Psychologist‘ are protected in law.

Only those who have reached the qualification threshold for registration with the HCPC and hold current HCPC Registration are allowed to offer Occupational Psychology services to the public.

We are both HCPC Registered and BPS Chartered Occupational Psychologists. We always act within the legal and regulatory framework laid down in law. 

Confidentiality and Legal Privilege  

We are required by law to treat our relationship with clients as confidential and subject to legal privilege, the privilege residing with the client. This protects all communications between us as professional advisers, and you as the client, from being disclosed without your permission. This protects the ability of the client as a corporate body and its staff to access our services by allowing confidential disclosure to us as advisers without the fear that any unauthorised disclosure of those communications may prejudice the client or its staff in the future. Establishing this is a crucial part of Professional due diligence.

Professional Liability

We hold full Professional Indemnity Insurance. Details are available upon request to clients.